Uhlmann 3040E Stretch-banding machine

Machine Type Banding Machine
OEM Uhlmann
Model 3040 E
Year 2010
Item Code MLTC-IT321


    Uhlmann 3040E Stretch-banding machine


    Flexible: A positioning device as well as various stacking systems permit individual configuration of the carton bundles. The packer can handle multi-layer bundles.

    Reliable: The tear control function monitors both the top and bottom film, and integrated safety and warning systems ensure a smooth process.

    Ergonomic and safe: GMP-compliant, ergonomic design gives the user good accessibility, ensures easy cleaning of the working stations, and offers pharmaceutical safety of the highest standard.

    Integrated: Full integration into the Uhlmann line with respect to the SmartControl operating system, design, and software enhances operation of the Stretch-banding machine.

    User-friendly: Software-controlled processes, few format parts, and easy adjustments ensure a high level of user-friendliness. Efficient: Short changeover times on the machine, on account of the small number of easily handled format parts and the automatic reel changeover, add to high productivity.