Planetary Mixer Gea Collette MPH 450

Machine Type Planetary Mixer
Brand Gea Collette
Model MPH 450
Year 2004
Item Code MLTC-IT003


    Planetary mixers ensure the possibility of processing all those products which, due to viscosity, density and temperature sensitivity can not be managed with traditional mixing and dispersion systems. The technology adopted in terms of blade geometry, arrangement of the same and rotation speed, allows the adaptation of the mixing system to the different production requirements.

    The MPH machines are industrial planetary mixers with high mixing position designed for use in the pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemical industries. Stainless steel product contact parts. Easy bowl removal without removal of mixing arm. Planetary movement provides very intensive, quick, homogeneous and dead-spot-free mixing. Top driven design eliminates contamination through packing and seals. Removable bowl design and arm interchangeability allow easy cleaning and quick changeover. Robust construction. The useful content is in between the ½ and the 2/3 of the total capacity.

    Power A 35
    Frequency Hz 50
    Voltage Volt 400
    Phases 3

    Capacity Kg/L 450