Marchesini MA 255 Continuous motion horizontal cartoner

Machine Type Cartoning Machine
OEM Marchesini
Model MA 255
Year 2004
Item Code MLTC-IT299


    Marchesini MA 255 Continuous motion horizontal cartoner


    Continous motion horizontal cartoner, entirely made with balcony construction, designed around three basic concepts: versatility, ergonomics and maximum efficiency in a small footprint.
    Because of its characteristics it is the ideal solution for packaging cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

    Main features:
    • Balcony construction, as per GMP norms
    • All feeding groups are located in ergonomic position, in order to make the loading easy for the operator
    • All main drive mechanism are in oil bath, thus reducing maintenance and noise level
    • Easy and fast changeover, entirely made from operator side
    • Touch Screen control panel, for operator interface and machine management
    • Self diagnosis and help functions
    • Possibility to install an automatic pre-folded leaflet feeder, or a GUK unit (optional), always in an easy and accessible position for the operator
    • Wide selection of coding systems: embossing, ink-jet, laser etc. (optional)
    Automatic and safety features:
    • Automatic operating cycle with carton
    • and leaflet pick-up only in the presence of the product.
    • Cross control of the presence of product-carton-leaflet.
    • Minimum load sensors for product-carton-leaflet.
    • Correct carton opening checking device.
    • Leaflet presence checking device during insertion into the carton.
    • Mechanical pusher safety device
    • Mechanical overload control unit for the machine.
    • Complete safety guards with wide doors for easy access.

    The product is inserted into cartons continuosly, by means of 2 pushers placed opposite the operator side, perfoming 2 insertions at the same time.
    The 2 pushers are activated independently, making possible the action even of a single one, when necessary.
    Mechanical output: up to 200 pcs/min.
    Technical data:
    Max. mechanical output (pcs/min.): 180/200
    Installed power approx. :c.a. 5 kW
    Approx. net weight: 2400 Kg
    Noise level: <75 Db