IMA Farmomac F87 Liquid Filling & Closing Machines

Machine Type Filling + Closing
Model Farmomac F87
Year 1990
Item Code MLTC-IT356


    IMA Farmomac F87 Liquid Filling & Closing Machines


    The monoblock F87 is an automatic intermittent movement machine that can perform three operations at the same time: a volumetric filling and two closures. Aqueous, alcoholic, sugary, foamy, viscous products can be given. Droppers, glass or plastic pipettes, nebulizers, normal or freeze-drying rubber caps can be introduced. You can apply screw caps, press caps, ferrules, PFP etc. The carter and the machine table, on which all the operating groups are fixed from the inside, are in AISI 304 stainless steel and protect the mechanical parts from the infiltration of the treated products and the water used for washing.

    The operating units and their supports are made of AISI 304 stainless steel and receive their motion from a single variator motor, obtaining the dual purpose of relating, without interruption, the speed of the machine with the rotation speed of the screwing or seaming, and not to have electric motors above the work stations, thus eliminating sources of possible pollution of the treated products. The volumetric filling unit is also located on the machine – plane and the syringes (in glass or stainless steel) act vertically. This solution avoids the radial stresses that are often the cause of breakages, reduces wear, and facilitates the adjustment and cleaning of the filling units.

    The screwing of the capsules takes place in two stages: a spindle picks up the capsule, brings it to the bottle in the correct position and gently pre-screws it. At the next station, a screwdriver tightens it respecting the desired tightening torque. The vibrating feeders of the closing elements are positioned at about 1200 mm from the floor, so the operator has no difficulty in checking and supplying them.