IMA Sensitive AV vials auto Labelling Machine

Machine Type Labelling Machine
Model Sensitive AV
Year n/a
Item Code MLTC-IT329


    IMA Sensitive AV vials automatic Labelling Machine


    Sensitive AV is a completely automatic labelling machine, suitable for the application of self-adhesive labels on small, unstable containers such as ampoules, cartridges and vials.


    Installed power: 5 Kw
    Standard voltage: 400 V – 50 Hz – 3 PH + N + G
    Lenght: 1950 mm
    Width: 1950 mm
    Height: 1850 mm

    Container size: Ø 8,5 to 32 mm Ma. Height 120 mm
    Label size: length: 10 to 100 mm Height 10 to 48 mm
    Label reel: Max. Ø 400 mm
    Labelling accuracy: ± 0,1 mm