IMA HT400 Coating Machine

Machine Type Coating Machine
Model HT400
Year 1999
Item Code MLTC-IT146


    IMA HT400 Coating Machine


    The Solid wall pan, with no perforations, makes it possible to process all sizes and shapes of product without clogging.
    The shape, combined with the surface smoothness, bring a perfect mixing of the cores and a uniform distribution of the coating material.
    An exclusive, patented drying system.
    Two paddles immersed in the core bed guarantee that the drying air is conveyed directly through the tablet mass, thus avoiding swirls and turbulence inside the pan.
    Either blowing or exhausting paddles can be used, depending on the process requirements and th
e use of different sizes of paddles guarantees high flexibility in terms of pan working capacity.
    Spray guns: both Sugar and Film spray guns can be easily fitted on the sliding support arm, which can be rapidly removed from the front door of the pan, allowing their calibration/adjustment and fast, safe cleaning and sanitizing operations.
    The high technology HT system is the ideal solution for the film and sugar coating of tablets and microtablets.
    The exhausting paddles, immersed in the core bed, guarantee the optimum ventilation results that are required during aqueous film coating, as well as maximum versatility to obtain the best results in the sugar coating processes.

    Technical details:

    • Minimum/maximum working capacity (litres) 200÷400
    • Pan Diameter 1630 mm
    • Pan mouth diameter (mm) 520
    • Pan motor power 4 kW
    • Process air delivery (m3/h) 2500
    • Power consumption 25 kW