Capping Machine for Vials Groninger KVK 310B

Machine Type Capping Machine
Brand Groninger
Model KVK 310B
Year 2010


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    Main process steps

    The Functional Specification describes the tasks and functionality of the following main processes of the sealing machine with discharge rotary plate and laminar flow:-Infeed of vials from the machine before to the sealing machine via infeed conveyor belt and infeed scroll.-The vials are transported through the sealing machine via a star wheel system consisting of six star wheels and the sealing rotor.-Object checking vial presence.-Check station stopper presence.-Check station stopper height.-Ejection of faulty vials into the reject station 1(stoppers).-Crosscheck 1 (stoppers) in transport system good lane, if all faulty vials are rejected really.-Cap feeding by means of two cap supply hoppers, a vibratory sorting bowl for caps and a feeding track.-Check station cap presence before sealing.-Sealing of vials with caps at the sealing station.-Sealing station consisting of a sealing rotor, sealing drive with ten working stations and a sealing disc.-Check station cap presence after sealing.-Check station cap height after sealing.-Ejection of faulty vials into the reject station 2(caps).-Crosscheck 2 (caps) in transport system good lane, if all faulty vials are rejected really.-Further transport of good operated vials to the following machine via discharge scroll, discharge conveyor belt, turn round disc before rotary plate, discharge rotary plate, turn round disc after rotary plate, swivel conveyor belt and transfer scroll.-Integration of an in process control (IPC).-Application of Laminar Flow and RABS.The equipment is designed to operate following objects:3 ml vials with a diameter of 16,25 mm and an output up to 33.000 vials per hour (up to 550 vials per minute