BONAPACE – Capsule Filler – IN-CAP

Machine Type Capsule Filler
OEM Bonapace
Model IN-CAP
Year n/a
Item Code MLTC-RS398


    BONAPACE – Capsule Filler – IN-CAP


    IN-CAP: the first bench top capsule filling machine fully automatic A new dosator powder filling system has been developed to compliment the existing dosing disc filling system currently available.This new system will enable powders to be developed for all types of production equipment, as well as allowing different types of product to be handled in the way best suited to their characteristics. The system consists of a ring of dosator tubes, each with an internal pin which forms the chamber. The length of this chamber is centrally adjustable, to suit the filling requirements. The dosators are raised and lowered each cycle, while being rotated as the machine indexes. The tubes are lowered in the powder bed of the hopper, with an adjustable tamping facility if required for forming a slug of product. They continue to rotate until located over the open body of the capsule when the dosator pin is used to push the powder out of the chamber and into the capsule.

    Technical data:

    • Capsule sizes: 000 – 00 – 00el – 0 – 0el – 1 – 1el – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – all DBCsaps
    • Electric voltage: 230-110 Volts – 50- 60 cycles – single phase
    • DC Motor: 160 Watt – 24 Volts
    • Vacuum pump for capsule opening: capacity 6 m3/hour
    • Aspirating vacuum pump: capacity 90 m3/hour Delta P. 120 Millibar
    • Air compressor: capacity 50.l/minute – working pressure 6 Bar
    • Electric absorption: 0,5 kW (including the vacuum pump)
    • Net weight of the standard machine: 150 kg (approx.)