Blister Machine Marchesini MB430

Tipologia Macchina Blister Machine
Costruttore Marchesini
Modello MB430
Anno 2008
Item Code MLTC-IT005


    Blister packs are commonly used as unit-dose packaging for pharmaceutical tablets, capsules or lozenges. Blister packs can provide barrier protection for shelf life requirements. Medium speed continuous motion robotized blistering thermoforming machine. The unit is suitable to pack blisters in PVC + Aluminum, Aluminum + Aluminum, Polypropylene, PET and PVC, Aclar, COC.

    Designed and built in perfect harmony with the most demanding needs, provides users with a solution to all problems of packaging, environment and management. All the stations are remarkably easy to access and all the movements are fully visible so that the line is very straightforward to clean. This machine is equipped with various safety devices to protect the operator. Product parameters can be recalled from a PC, for a quick and easy format change. Reel unwinder driven by a Brushless motor, with automatic machine stop at reel end. Film splicing table equipped with integrated cutter, and automatic vacuum. Forming station entirely managed by Brushless motors. Self-aligning pre-heating plates, independently motorized. Film positioning driven by Brushless motor. Automatic Pitch adjustment directly from the display. Loader trolley MS170 with a maximum load of 300 kg. Dedicated product feeder and relevant enclosure easily removable without disassembling any part. Innovative concept, guaranteeing great flexibility, cleaning and change over time significant reduction. This allows the operator to replace the complete assembly with a second one, previously set up for a different product, without removing single components (optional). The multi-purpose trolley, available as an option, makes this procedure extremely fast and easy. Blister vision Harlequin Vision inspection system.

    Length mm 4200
    Width mm 1350
    Height mm 1940
    Net weight Kg 3600
    Frequency Hz 50
    Voltage Volt 400
    Current A 46
    Power absorbed Kw 3
    Diam max reel thermo-material 600 mm
    Diam max reel cover material 280 mm
    Max forming depth 9,5 mm
    Max cycles 95
    Conveyor belt length 1380 mm