PESTER - Incartonatrice - PEWO-form UVP 2



ModelloPEWO-form UVP 2
Numero di serieMLTC-22MF353


Rely on our side loading technology. It has been proven in the average performance range of up to 20 cases/minute at the leading consumer companies around the world. Trust in this reliable machine performance with low life cycle costs.


Flexible product handling, wide format range, and intelligent intuitive machine operation are what make our side loading case packer an economical automation solution for efficient production.



Compact, space-efficient design

Best machine performance with low life-cycle costs in 24/7 operation

Wide format range for high packaging diversity

Reliable case handling with innovative cascading case extraction

Safe case transport by means of 4 servo-controlled toothed belts with drivers

RFID format part detection available on request

Simple operation, quick format changeover and integrated format management

Straightforward reproducible format changeover in less than 10 minutes

PEWO-form UVP 2

Machine dimensions     6440 x 1670 x 2050 mm [L x W x H]

Case type          American case

Sealing method tape / hotmelt glue

Min. format range        folding carton 30 x 12 x 66 mm [a x b x h]

case 150 x 120 x 105 mm [L x W x H]

Max. Format range       folding carton 440 x 150 x 250 mm [a x b x h]

case 450 x 320 x 320 mm [L x W x H]

Performance    up to 20 cases/min.

Control system Schneider Electric PacDrive 3 / Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley)