CAM - Linea Blister - M92F + PG

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ModelloM92F + PG
Numero di serieMLTC-IT484


Technical Specification: Max. output: 40 Max. forward draw:204 mm Max. draw depth: 28 mm Foil width: 256 Max. reel diameter Deep-draw foil: 400 mm Compressed air: 6,0 - 8,0 bar Air consumption: min. 500 NL/min Cooling water required: approx. 0,7 m3/hr Power consumption: 13kW This Blisterpacker is currently fitted with the following format parts: 1-2 ml CARTONER: CAM PG Automatic horizontal intermittent motion cartoner Cartoner for large size products. Capable of mechanical speeds from 15 to 70 cartons per minute. (Actual speeds dependent upon nature of product.) Carton Size range : A Dimension Min 50mm Max 200mm B Dimension Min 25mm Max 120mm C Dimension Min 105mm Max 300mm A + B Max 290 mm Machine is set up for Glue closure Manufacturer: CAM Model: PG Machine equipped with:GUK LEAFLET FOLDER