UET - Astucciatrice - COMPACT 4/S



ModelloCOMPACT 4/S
Numero di serieMLTC-0010


Astucciatrice verticale Compact 4/S

With its special developed and patented size Star "STELLA 8" the COMPACT 4 is the most flexible Compact Cartoning Machine worldwide.

It can be configured with up to 3 flexible filling stations and, due to its enormous size range the COMPACT 4 offers the appropriate and ideal solution for contract packers.

The COMPACT 4 can be configured to handle various closing systems - tuck-in, hot-glue or a combination of both.

Each COMPACT 4 is tailor made. It can be equipped with many industry specific options.

Especially for the pharmaceutical industry you can opt e.g. for a stainless steel machine plate, for pharma-code or track-and -trace controlling camera systems, for the most different coding systems on the market or you can group the complete packed products for further processing.